By name this activity seems to be childish but it’s a mandatory skill if one chooses to live off the mother nature. We get out food from herbs, shrubs and also trees. Unless one gets expertise in this art one will have remain satisfied seeing fruits on tree and waiting for winds to throw them down. Modern research seems to find answers to this question by developing hybrid bonsai variety trees yielding fruits that even child can pick without effort. But research tells that food consumed from such manipulated hybrid trees means is hazardous to health causing chromanol disorders.

There were few expert tree climbers among the students who trained others in the techniques to climb and precautions to be taken. An eight-year-old child successfully scaled a coconut tree after good practice under supervision. Though it invites risks but the fruits of learning this skill is very sweet.

In Hebri SSkbk farm it seems expert tree climbing men are hired to reap mangoes from tall old trees and the person demands two thousand rupees and more for climbing few trees in an hour.