Goshala and Cow Barn

colony mapAs in the original Vrindavan, cows play a central role in the lives of the Brajavasis, similarly, we plan to focus all the activities within our Vedic Eco Village around cows and agriculture.  We will build a new goshala to host cows from nearby Ahimsa Goshala.  The Goshala will be the first structure to be built in the VeV colony.  The bulls and ox will be in a separate area of the village.

The cow shed will be a structure of wood and cob built into a NE facing dug-out slope.  Inside are four 10 foot by 10 foot wood cube structure: 2 shelter cows, the others 2 are for worker and tools. The goshala entrance faces North East with south windows for optimal winter sun. 

The worker cube has a wood stove, storage shed, milk storage, bed for napping and water storage tanks.  Cow cube have a sleeping and shaded area.  A wood stove warms humans and cows. Cubes are covered with earth and cob.

For the maintenance and good health of the cows we will have designated grazing areas and when the weather permits, will arrange for the cows to be out grazing most of the day.  In connection with cows, we plan to introduce Panchagavya products such as body soaps, incense, washing soap, tooth powder, phenol and other products. Srila Prabhupada wanted us to protect cows. That means he wanted that we take products from protected cows.


MAP planProject Tasks & Budget     
Landscaping    3000
Wood from Forest    0
Labour to cut lumber  (200 hours * $15)     3000
Nails    200
Supplies & Hardware    500
Windows and Doors    1000
Carpentry: (160 hours * $15)     2400
4 x 10 by 10 cubes    2800
Milling Work (40 hours * $25)     1000
cube joinery and skylight    2000
Veranda    1000
Cob floor    1500
Mass heater and ducts    1500
Feeding area    500
Storage facility for hay and bedding    3000
Cow brushes & tools    500
Water stations    500
Hoist    500
Fencing for goshala    1000
Kitchen & Work area for gopas & gopis    1000
Facility for gopas & gopis    3100


Project Information
Project Status
in progress
Estimated Project Cost