Your Eco Village Experience

Join our main activities of farming, natural building, cow/ox care and growing food sovereignty.  Learn aspects of Vedic culture with hands-on experience.

We host volunteers, students, interns and apprentices.  Our intake process:

  • visit for a few days
  • register as a volunteer
  • 28 day apprenticeships

Daily courses: farming, harvesting, food preparation, cooking, forestry, building, cow care, ox team, arts



We have the land and clear mission to manifest the vision of Varnasrama villages, as proposed by Srila Prabhupada and our Acharyas.  Varnasrama provides self sufficiency and fulfills the material and spiritual needs of our community and the next generation.  Vedic Eco Village is in the pioneer stages of development. 



Living @ Vedic Eco Village

We cultivate an environment of love, peace, truth, honesty, ahimsa, self-sufficiency, permaculture and cow protection

Living Standards

  • Respect for all people and faiths
  • Minimal screen time, devices, etc.
  • Minimal plastics. We’re each responsible for the garbage we bring in and generate.
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug use.
  • No scents, perfumes, deodorants, chemical shampoos, laundry or soaps
  • No outdoor fires from June to October.
  • No gas-powered tools or generators
  • No gas-powered vehicles, motorcycles, quads, atv, etc
  • Bring your own bedding, toilet paper, towels and natural cleaning products

No drugs, alcohol and cigarettes – your body is the temple of your soul

Vedic philosophy places emphasis on health and wellness, as these are conducive to opening up your body, mind and soul for spiritual practice and higher thinking. Thus, intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, white sugar etc.) are not acceptable.

Cleanliness and serenity – a clean environment and body support a healthy mind

Our community values cleanliness and the resulting positive energy very highly. Therefore, we show each other respect by maintaining cleanliness at all times, in personal hygiene as well as our buildings.

Eating Standards

One principle most Eastern philosophies have in common is “ahimsa”, or non-violence towards all living entities. This is why you won’t find any meat, fish and eggs here, and why we also avoid animal products like gelatine, animal fats and commercial dairy. Thanks in advance for not bringing any meat, fish or egg products to the farm.

  • Ahimsa preparation.  no meat, fish, eggs, commercial dairy, mushroom, garlic, onions or junk food
  • organic whole spices, millet, quinoa, green + brown lentils, chickpeas, mung, urad, spelt, kamut, rown, red, wild, basmati rice, mung, chickpeas, urud, lentils (all colors), rye, besan and buckwheat flour
  • Please no processed food, no junk food.
  • Honoring of prasad without Prajalpa (idle speech about mundane news, politics and events)

Work Trade & Even Energy Exchange

We provide accommodations, food from the garden & root cellar, clean spring water, solar showers, internet and power.  In exchange for 10 hours of work a week or about 2 hours/day... less if you are living in our own RV/camper/tent.

  • Villagers do not pay to live here, or get paid -  this helps to maintain good friendships!
  • No money is exchanged, rather goods (ie. food, crafts) and services (ie. farm labour, construction) are traded


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