Community Life

Vedic Eco Village is a 70 acre project built beside Saranagati Village, a 1600 acre community.

Vedic Eco Village hosts builders, farm workers, pioneers, students and visitors. 

Welcome Timeline

First days as Guest
- shelter provided
- help with garden, harvest & eco village projects

Second half of moon as worker
- start even energy work exchange (2 weeks)
- shelter and lunch provided (or produce)

Three options beyond first moon
A. continue energy work exchange (renewed moonly)
B. start internship* working @ local farms and homesteads (renewed moonly)
C. become a “voyager", free to arrive & work & leave

* Requires registration with Saranagati Village after 1 month (requires criminal search)

Becoming an eco villager begins with participating in the daily life and manifestations for 13 moons.


Living @ Vedic Eco Village

We cultivate an environment of love, peace, truth, honesty, ahimsa, self-sufficiency, permaculture and cow protection

Living Standards

  • Respect for all people and faiths
  • Minimal screen time, devices, etc.
  • Minimal plastics. We’re each responsible for the garbage we bring in and generate.
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug use.
  • No scents, perfumes, deodorants, chemical shampoos, laundry or soaps
  • No outdoor fires from June to October.
  • No gas-powered tools or generators
  • No gas-powered vehicles, motorcycles, quads, atv, etc
  • Bring your own bedding toilet paper, towels and natural soaps

Eating Standards

  • Ahimsa preparation.  no meat, fish, eggs, commercial dairy, mushroom, garlic, onions or junk food
  • Donations of fresh organic produce, ghee, gur is appreciated.  Please no processed food, no junk food.
  • Honoring of prasad without Prajalpa (idle speech about mundane news, politics and events)

Work Trade & Even Energy Exchange

We provide accommodations, food from the garden & root cellar, clean spring water, solar showers, internet and power.  In exchange for 10 hours of work a week or about 2 hours/day... less if you are living in our own RV/camper/tent.

  • Villagers do not pay to live here, or get paid -  this helps to maintain good friendships!
  • No money is exchanged, rather goods (ie. food, crafts) and services (ie. farm labour, construction) are traded