Projects in Western Canada

Construction began in 2017 and continues daily at the project in Western Canada.  We are clearing land, building fences and milling timber for infrastructure developments.

On-going Projects



Library & Camp upgrade

Campground needs a new Cob-in + Library bath hut upgrade + composter +  kitchen + chulha upgrade

Fencing grazing land

colony fences (aka X-fences) from thinned trees in nearby over-grown forests.  

Underground Greenhouse

Hole dug by excavator. South wall of glass. north wall of earth/cob. Reciprocal roof 

Eco Village Fencing

Colony fence is 1/4 complete.  South Eco Village fence. 1 of 4 borders of Colony is complete

Orchard Expansion

orchard has berries, apple, pear, plum and apricot trees and berries, plus hazelnut and walnut trees.

Main Cabin upgrade

To do:  greenhouse, doorway to bath hut, kitchen upgrade, oil deck.  Complete: Deck expansion, enclosure bath hut. composting toilet,

Learning Center

Facility for workshops, classes, seminars

Goshala in Colony

Landscaping NE facing dug-out cave for cowshed, wood stove, worker house, storage shed, warm water


Prasadam for the workers, teachers and residents. Current hydrant will be branched out

Nature Cure Clinic

Health center and apothecary in the colony near the goshala.

Volunteer Colony

Landscaping, communal cob-in, kitchen and bathing facility for volunteers.

Wood Mill

Bandsaw mill cuts 2 feet wide trees, up to 10 feet

Good for making 4by4 pillars, beams and boards. 

Eco Village Layout and Colony Plots


More information and financial details in the Development Plan Document