Fencing and Shelter for Cow Grazing

varuni cowCows will benefit from more grazing areas and this will regenerate the land.  We will build colony fences (aka X-fences) from thinned trees in nearby over-grown forests.  Colony fences are moveable, fun to build and require no posts in the ground, so they will last for generations.

First we build 2 lengths of fence around the 6 acre triangle piece, with the lake being the 3rd side.  The lake provides water for cows to drink (we can also bring them spring water from the nearby garden)

A new barn will be constructed for the cows under the trees.  The barn is a wood cube covered with the earth.  This will serve as a 3-season sun & rain shelter.  A cool and shaded area is critical in summer when temperatures can exceed 40 degrees celcius.

The new fence allows cows to move between Vedic Eco Village land and Saranagati fields & barns.


This fenced off area can be used for agriculture in the future.

In future, colony fences will be built around other grazing and farming areas.

fence video

Wood from Forest: $0
Nails: $100
Work Supplies: $200
Labor: $1200  (80 hours * $15)
10x10 shelter: $700
Cob & labor for shelter: $500


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