Goshala / Cow Shed

The Goshala will be the home for a few cows, ideally Gir cows, depending on their availability. As in the original Vrindavan, cows play a central role in the lives of the Brajavasis, similarly, we plan to focus all the activities within our Vedic Eco Village around cows and agriculture.

For the maintenance and good health of the cows we will have designated grazing areas and when the weather permits, will arrange for the cows to be out grazing most of the day. In connection with cows, we plan to introduce Panchagavya products such as body soaps, incense, washing soap, tooth powder, phenol and other products. Srila Prabhupada wanted us to protect cows. That means he wanted that we take products from protected cows.

The cow shed will be structure of wood and cob built into a NE facing dug-out cave.  It will have a wood stove, worker house, storage shed, milk storage area, water storage tanks, feeding area.


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