We need dedicated people with a pioneer spirit.  Choose as many roles as you can fulfill.

Wood Worker

  • timber frame with local logs
  • cabinetry, lofts, furniture
  • tiny homes, kitchens, bath structures

Cob and Plasterer

  • earth, clay, straw & dung collection
  • cob structures and utilities
  • mass heater benches
  • plastering cob & wood


  • breakfast & lunch offerings
  • participate in harvest
  • preserving & infusing
  • design and build kitchens

Farmer & Orchardist

  • fruit and nut tree care
  • maintaining gardens & greenhouse
  • berry picking
  • tree grafting

Forest Steward

  • tree thinning and branching
  • cutting logs for saw mill
  • making water batteries in forest
  • fire wood management

Saw Miller

  • operating band saw
  • producing building materials
  • sharpening blades
  • drying and storage

Marketing and Media

  • Thursday market and Vedic Fun days
  • sankirtan and prashad/book distribution
  • Webpage, videos, news & interviews

General Roles

  • animal care
  • building fences
  • foodscaping, clearing land & forest
  • helping with diverse projects
  • wildcrafting, foraging

Varna Roles

  • brahmanas: teachers and pujari
  • kshatriyas: engaging workers, intake, protection and village administration
  • vaishyas: farmers, cow protectors, merchants and trade
  • shudras: artisans and workers


Every worker receives:

  • a place to live (if needed)
  • food, mostly locally grown organic veggies
  • utilities: water, wood, internet
  • budget for work materials and expenses