Foods we eat

We are aspiring for a pure ahimsa life style and menu.  We do not consume wheat flour, white sugar or commercial oil.  Ahimsa means milk and products from protected cows only.

Main diet:

  • Brown Rice, Mung, Chickpeas, Urud, Lentils (all colors)
  • Rye, Besan and Buckwheat flour
  • Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Tumeric, Ginger
  • Spelt flour from Anita's Mill in Chilliwack
  • Almond, Cashew, Sunflower seeds and/or butter
  • Sweets from unrefined sugar, gur or jaggery


⁃ No commercial seed oil
⁃ No white sugar
- No artificial coloring or flavors
- No commercial dairy

Ahimsa Dairy
-  Sweets can be from milk only if you make with Ahimsa milk.