First eco village progress update


Our weekly summary of activities begins!  We have mapped out and measured the boundaries of our Vedic Eco Village and selected 4 acres of land facing east for the Gurukula Colony. Markings have been put into strategic points identifying  the Raja Marga and Circle Road all converging at the centre point where the temple will be located. Areas have been identified for micro-cabins and guest residence to be built in cob and cord-wood style construction. In the future we plan to have an area outside the Gurukula Colony for woofers/guests to stay in the summer time. Our contractor will soon come to build the 1008 meter long water pipeline to service the Gurukula Colony as well as the entire eco village.  In addition, we will be making the roads and boundary of the 33 acres property. Construction, land clearing and landscaping will begin in early June for which we welcome the participation of interested souls. Simple rustic lodging and food will be provided for services rendered.

Once the infrastructure is in place and the land cleared, the first priority is building the Goshala so that we can have cows who will be the main centre of activity of our eco village -  the focus of Vedic life being Krishna, cows and land, part of the sustainable lifestyle based on Vedic teachings as found in the Lord Krishna's village of Vrindavana.  

The orchard site has been selected and fenced.  Apricots, pears, apples and plums have been planted as well as raspberries and other berries. This year's goal is to plant 108 fruit trees.  Poplar trees have also been planted to serve as wind block on the south end of the property, along the new fence line soon to be built.

We are working closely with a few non profit organizations including the Vancouver Vedic Education Society (VVES), a long time BC charity and the Sustainable Eco Alliance (SEA.Inc.) incorporated two years ago in California. Anyone wishing to contribute to the project may do so through these non profit organizations in order to receive a tax receipt.

In addition to organic farming and cow care, we will be introducing our Varnasrama College  to teach traditional Vedic education based on Srila Prabhuapada's books and the Vedic sciences.  For this purpose we will also be establishing our Bhaktivedanta Library that will serve those who are actively participating in the project. We will be sharing additional features and aspects of the project in the weeks and months to come.  We welcome your involvement, participation and suggestions.  

We will be releasing a more detailed brochure of our activities soon.  We will be updating the website on a weekly basis, reporting on the ongoing activities giving short reports as well as photos of our Vedic Eco Village developments. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your support and participation.  


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