Eco Village Building and Work

There is diverse work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit.  We are clearing the forest and building roads in the colony.  We are landscaping, fencing and planting gardens.  We are milling thinned trees and using them to build cabins and structures.  This year log cabins and an outdoor kitchen will be constructed. 

We will build an outdoor bath house, solar shower and greenhouse on the deck of the main cabin.  Foundations will be dug for the Yoga Shala, Yajna Shala, Go Shala, Path Shala, Mandir, Prasadam Hall and Cultural Hall. 

We will study the theory and practice of traditional Vedic Sciences and Technologies, Mantra Meditation, Yoga Asanas, Vedic Discourses, Road Mapping, Vedic Agriculture and the Science of Vastu.  Learn about Permaculture, Gardening, Cob Building, Ox training and Landscaping.