Work Positions

General Builder

  • cob structures
  • bath house and solar shower
  • outdoor kitchen
  • furniture building

Cabin Builder

  • timber frame with local logs
  • cabinetry
  • mini house on wheels


  • sankirtan and prashad/book distribution
  • delivering to market


  • create breakfast and lunch offerings
  • participate in harvest
  • help design and build the Kitchen

Organic Farmer

  • fruit and nut tree care
  • tree grafting
  • maintaining gardens
  • berry picking

Forest Steward

  • tree thinning and branching
  • providing logs for saw mill
  • fire wood management

Saw Miller

  • operating band saw
  • producing building materials
  • sharpening blades

General Labour

  • clearing forest
  • building fences
  • landscaping
  • help with all projects


Every worker receives:

  • a place to live (if needed)
  • food, mostly locally grown organic veggies
  • utilities: water, wood, internet
  • budget for work materials and expenses

We have work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit. We will continue clearing, landscaping, fencing, road making, milling and building log cabins and structures.