Renewal and Growth


Climate change has brought us more extreme weather, this year an elongated winter and a cold spring with steady rain into summer, a normally dry season.  Strong winds twice ripped off greenhouse top. 

During winter, we fed cows last year's produce stored in root cellar.  Cows were grateful for beets, corn, cabbage, carrots and anything fresh after eating hay every day for months.

Summer was late but very hot.  We made from cob from earth, clay, straw & cow dung. Cob is used as insulation between walls and on floors.  We are completing our first building project using locally milled lumber, a bathhouse with locally milled timber.  We milled thinned trees into lumber for our building projects. 

The gardens are expanding thanks to a couple dedicated to the garden. Our first grafted trees are bearing more fruits and berries/bushes are expanding and giving more fruit.  We are canning and jamming as much as possible to fill the root cellar.

The oxen will plowing our fields after the harvest.  We are teaching and inspiring people to use these ancient and sustainable methods of building, farming and soil tilling.

We invite you to join us and help build the project, or just visit and see the progress.


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