Western Canada Project Overview

Daily activities include growing and harvesting food, clearing the forest, milling lumber and building infrastructure. We are expanding eco village living infrastructure and colony plots.  New guest facilities will attract workers for infrastructure building & farming. Plots to develop this year are Go Shala foundation (for future cows), gardens, kitchen, Patha Shala (Learning Center), Yoga Shala and Yajna Shala.

We follow the values of Vedic culture, namely the importance of cows, land and knowledge.

Standards for Eco Village
- Respect for all people and faiths
- Minimal screen time, devices, etc.
- Minimal plastics. We’re each responsible for the garbage we bring in and generate.
- No smoking, alcohol or drug use.
- No outdoor fires from June to October.
- No gas-powered tools or generators.

- Ahimsa preparation.  no meat, fish, eggs, commercial dairy, mushroom, garlic, onions or junk food
- Harvesting starts at 11. Ask cooks what they need.
- Food prep starts at 11.  Ask cooks how you can help.
- Cooks are focused preparing on food offering, so please let them do their devotional work.    
- Socializing in kitchen starts @ 2pm until midnight.  
- You can eat anything in fridge or kitchen pantry.
- Cleaning dishes, floor,  and table is appreciated
- Donations of fresh organic produce, ghee, gur is appreciated.  Please no processed food, no junk food.


Srila Prabhupada predicted that, "One day millions of people would be coming to our Hare Krishna farms because they are unemployed. And we must accept them. We must feed them. We must let them live there and they will gradually become spiritualized. We will put them to work, they will get their food and there will be prasadam. They will hear something about Krishna and they will gradually by the millions become devotees."

The Vedic Eco Village imbibes principles of Permaculture, natural farming and cob building promoting a simple and sustainable lifestyle centered on cow culture and Lord Krishna

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