Western Canada Introduction

Vedic Eco Village was designed by Bhakti Raghava swami, a pioneering Varnasrama Dharma farm community. We are the prototype for future Vedic Eco Villages across Canada.  Facilities are under construction for guests and worker shelters.  Activities include growing, harvesting and preparing food, clearing the forest, milling lumber and building infrastructure. We grow seasonal crops, as well as nut & fruit orchards and flower gardens. 

Our root cellar can store 3,000 pounds of crops and more.  We need more people to expand the eco village.  We are expanding irrigation, orchard and farming operations.

Srila Prabhupada predicted that, "One day millions of people would be coming to our Hare Krishna farms because they are unemployed. And we must accept them. We must feed them. We must let them live there and they will gradually become spiritualized. We will put them to work, they will get their food and there will be prasadam. They will hear something about Krishna and they will gradually by the millions become devotees."

The Vedic Eco Village imbibes principles of Permaculture, natural farming and cob building promoting a simple and sustainable lifestyle centered on cow culture and Lord Krishna

Invitation from Bhakti Raghava swami:  watch in english  ~  regarder en français

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Living @ Vedic Eco Village

We cultivate an environment of love, peace, truth, honesty, ahimsa, self-sufficiency, permaculture and cow protection

Living Standards

  • Respect for all people and faiths
  • Minimal screen time, devices, etc.
  • Minimal plastics. We’re each responsible for the garbage we bring in and generate.
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug use.
  • No outdoor fires from June to October.
  • No gas-powered tools or generators
  • No gas-powered vehicles, motorcycles, quads, atv, etc

Eating Standards

  • Ahimsa preparation.  no meat, fish, eggs, commercial dairy, mushroom, garlic, onions or junk food
  • Donations of fresh organic produce, ghee, gur is appreciated.  Please no processed food, no junk food.
  • Honoring of prasad without Prajalpa (Idle speech about mundane news, politics and events)

Equal Energy Exchange: Work Trade System

  • We provide accommodations, food from the garden & root cellar, clean spring water, solar showers, internet and power
  • In exchange for 10 hours of work a week or about 2 hours/day  (less if you are living in our own RV/camper/tent
  • Villagers do not pay to live here, or get paid. - no money is exchanged - this helps to maintain good friendships!



Village Development


  • mass heaters and composters for worker housing
  • shelter and fenced area in garden for grazing ox and cows
  • walipini greenhouse
  • foundation for Go Shala for future cows and Ahimsa goshala cows
  • landscaping for colony plots: Kitchen, Patha Shala (Learning Center), Yoga Shala and Yajna Shala.


  • foundation for goshala
  • expanding farming and greenhouse operations
  • building materials, screws, nails, rope, fasteners and strong ties
  • Learning Center for the Varanasrama College
  • pico hydro installations

Wish List

  • more berries, fruit and nut trees
  • strong cloth for tents
  • garden tools and cow paraphernalia
  • oil press for seeds, etc
  • butter churner
  • stone grinder
  • traditional Indian kitchen tools
  • biodiesel engine for mill
  • redundancy of power and irrigation
  • engineer plan for 10x10x10 foot cubes and pyramid top