Dharma Discovery: Cow, Building & Farm Class

An opportunity to experience vedic living. Hands-on learning about cow care, ox cart & plowing, farms, forest, natural building, cob, arts, crafts & markets.  Our first apprenticeship focuses on Vaishya': cow and ox care, farming and trade in markets.  Vaishya knowledge is learned hands-on and not in class.

We have made great progress cooking on a hybrid chulha-mass heater. We have been cooking locally grown veggies, demonstrating that self-sufficiency in cold climates can be obtained with innovation and hard work.

The Vedas say that harvest, produce, and money should be used for self-realization. "So this Krsna consciousness movement is for spiritual enlightenment, not for how to get money, how to earn money. This is not Krsna consciousness" - Srila Prabhupada

Activities & Experiences

  • greenhouse maintenance & plant care

  • brushing & feeding cows

  • building with local materials (clay, earth, dung)

  • cooking with cow dung

  • ox cart rides

  • moving logs out of forest with ox

  • thinning forests, building water lenses

  • bringing produce to market & bartering

  • harvesting, seed saving, drying & winter storage

We will gain a deeper insight into these three fundamental values upheld in the Vedic culture, namely the importance of cows, land, knowledge and their effect on the social, cultural, economical, health, educational and ecological status in each village.