Attracting Pioneers


We are in the early stages of developing the Eco Village.  We need people to build living infrastructure and colony plots.  Seasonal facilities will we constructed first for farm workers, then for future guests.

Plots to develop this year are Go Shala foundation (for future cows), Kitchen, Patha Shala (Learning Center), Yoga Shala and Yajna Shala.

We will provide an opportunity to learn aspects of Vedic culture. We learn hands-on about Natural Building, Permaculture Farming, Building shelters, Cows and Ox care & Natural Fibers for Clothing. 

We have the land and clear mission to manifest the vision of Varnasrama villages, as proposed by Srila Prabhupada and our Acharyas.  Varnasrama provides self sufficiency and fulfills the material and spiritual needs of our community and the next generation.

We grow seasonal crops and maintain nut & fruit orchards and flower gardens.  Our root cellar holds 3,000 + pounds of crops and preserves.

Current Farm goals:

  • Expand production in existing garden space
  • Build more moveable greenhouses 
  • Build Greenhouse @ Maharaj’s cabin for spring starts 
  • Build Underground Greenhouse (Walipini)
  • Three season living infrastructure for farm workers
  • Expand irrigation in colony


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Village Development


  • seed bank and cutting/root propagation lab
  • shelter cube for and Ahimsa goshala ox
  • fenced area in garden for grazing cows
  • foundation for Go Shala
  • walipini greenhouse
  • replace outhouses with composters
  • replace wood stoves with mass heaters
  • Learning Center for the Varanasrama College
  • landscaping for colony plots: Kitchen, Patha Shala (Learning Center), Yoga Shala and Yajna Shala.

Investments (key)

  • foundation for goshala cave and feeding area
  • expanding farming and greenhouse operations
  • building materials, screws, nails, rope, linen, strong cotton cloth for tents, fasteners and strong ties
  • pico hydro installations

Wish List

  • more berries, fruit and nut trees
  • strong cloth for tents
  • garden tools and cow paraphernalia
  • oil press for seeds, etc
  • butter churner
  • stone grinder
  • traditional Indian kitchen tools
  • biodiesel engine for mill
  • redundancy of power
  • non-plastic irrigation systems
  • engineer plan for cubes and pyramid