2024 Vision

Before we acquire a bull and begin increasing the herd, more infrastructure is required.  More fenced grazing areas are needed.  Current cows needs more sevites and these people need room and board.  The Saranagati community needs more guest facilities, in particular a washroom for guests of the Goshala and PlayStation.

Ahimsa Goshala:  Secure local hay sources. Fence more grazing land.

Vedic Eco Village:  We will fence off 6 acres of land near Home Lake.  Colony fences (aka X-fences) are built from thinned trees in nearby over-grown forests.  Cows will benefit from more grazing areas and mob-grazing will regenerate the land.  More Details

ISKCON Saranagati Temple: Produce more hay.  Fix barn beside Rameshvara's home

Cow Care needs:

  • winch/hoist for injured cows and nail clipping
  • ferrier and tools

People needed:

  • cow sevites: feeding, cleaning, brushing, herding etc
  • volunteer coordinator
  • accommodations and facilities manager
  • fundraiser and financial planner
  • social media coordinator