Cow Protection and Care

News and information about cows, ox and goshala

Ayurvedic Cow Grazing Center

cow grazing center

– Play Surabhi Mantra daily at home
– Cow photos on altar and walls at home
– Using cow products such as soaps, incense, ghee
– Daily recite prayer glorifying our Mother Surabhi
– Go-Seva: weekly visit and seva to nearby Goshala
– Go-Puja: daily offer incense and flower to Mother…

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Vaisya Culture

The Goshala will be located in the northwestern part of the Gurukula Colony. Three plots of land each measuring 18 square meters have been allocated for the Goshala area; one being the Goshala structure itself and two plots being immediate grazing areas. According to Vedic standards, cows must always have easy access to water and fodder. For this reason the recommended practice is for the cows to be out grazing the maximum amount of time during the day. Close to the Goshala will be the residence of Gurukula students so that the cows will be nicely supervised and cared for constantly. The Goshala will also be easily accessible to guests and visitors. It is said that the King would daily take darshan of the cows before attending his duties in the Assembly Hall. Similarly, Lord Krishna Himself would perform daily Go Puja to His cows. It is also a common practice for the ladies to wash the cows daily and offer lamp and incense, as we do for Tulasi Devi. Indeed, worshiping cows is as good as worshiping Krishna. Cows automatically neutralize all kinds of negative energies. Indeed, they bring forth all auspiciousness. We plan to have regular Go Puja and daily Go Seva at the Gurukula Colony. +

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