Eco Village Life

The Vedic Eco Village will have a Yoga Shala, a Yajna Shala, a Go Shala, Path Shala, residents for teachers and students, administration office, kitchen, Mandir, Prasadam Hall, Pond and Cultural Hall. Experienced teachers will be on hand to conduct seminars about Permaculture, Gardening, Farming, Cob Building and Landscaping.

Workshops and seminars will cover the theory and practice of traditional Vedic Sciences and Technologies.  Courses include Mantra Meditation, Yoga Asanas, Vedic Discourses, Landscaping, Cob Structures,  Road Mapping,  Vedic Farming, Tree Planting and the Science of Vastu.

We will create an eco system based on the natural bioryhthm between natural grazing of cows and soil fertility thus creating bio-diversity and helping to reverse global desertification.