Vedic Eco Village Western Canada

We begin a second year of clearing the land and building infrastructure.  We are looking for more people to help build the Eco Village.  We have work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit.  We need your help:

  • Clearing, landscaping, fencing and road making for the Vedic Eco Village.
  • Building guest cabins and an outdoor kitchen for guests and workers.
  • Building an outdoor bath house and greenhouse on the deck of the main cabin
  • Expanding the fruit orchard

The foundations will be dug for the Yoga Shala,  Yajna Shala, Go Shala, Path Shala, Mandir, Prasadam Hall and Cultural Hall.   We will be developing technologies to process the produce from the farm and to extract oil from seeds. 

Srila Prabhupada predicted that, "One day millions of people would be coming to our Hare Krishna farms because they are unemployed. And we must accept them. We must feed them. We must let them live there and they will gradually become spiritualized. We will put them to work, they will get their food and there will be prasadam. They will hear something about Krishna and they will gradually by the millions become devotees."

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