Working the Land

This spring we continued ox plowing our fields with great success.  Daivata prabhu renovated an old plow he found and it works great to turn over sod.  Each year the ox team is improving our technique and we are learning the right time to plow for the soil condition.  The oxen are getting stronger and have a better feel about when to pull harder.  We have been plowing gardens all over Saranagati Village, inspiring people to use this ancient and sustainable method of soil preparation. 

Climate change has brought us more extreme weather, this year an elongated winter and a summer full of rain in a normally dry season.  The gardens are expanding and the trees and bushes are bearing more fruits.

Despite a lack of labor, forest clearing, wood milling and building continues.  Some of our neighbors, Garuda and Ashrith prabhu are apprenticing at the milling operations.  Our first building project using locally milled lumber is almost complete, the bathhouse is functional and now we are experimenting with techniques to insulate the walls using cob.

We invite all interested people to join us and help build the project, or just visit and see the progress.