Ox plowing garden fields

To plow our weedy garden plots, we employed the two ox from the Govardhan Goshala in Saranagati Village.  The ox walked 2 km and stayed in a fenced off area of the garden, grazing on the grass growing on the edge of garden and between the fruit trees.  A greenhouse was their temporary shelter while they lived here. 

One day they escaped and went home, but the next morning they were walked back to the eco village for their morning plowing duties.  The ox are almost 2 years old and are away from home and mothers for the first time.  The training has been good for ox health and well being.  Dharma mani ox has become very friendly.

The results from ox plowing are fantastic.  They can nicely turn-over previously cultivated land.  We will plant our seeds soon after in the plowed rows.


"You have to engage more men for plowing. Two bulls will be required for each plow.... you cut the tree, make your home, and balance you make fuel. And the ground, plow and grow your food. That’s all, natural."  Srila Prabhupada on the importance of oxen