Mercy in the forest fire of material existence

Work on the Gurukul colony land continues.  Clearing of the forest and roadways are our priority now and the land is starting to take shape.  We purchased a profession chainsaw to assist with forest clearing and cutting up fallen trees.  These trees are being used to build the colonial fence and some will be used for gates and future building projects.  The left over pieces of trees and branches are being pilled up to be used as soil builder in garden areas.  Kishora prabhu setup a "Colonial fence factory" where the fences pieces are being crafted, then assembled and put into place.

The village exchange and market was busy this week, as we have more produce in the garden and greenhouse.

The forest fire north of us continues to burn and move further north, thankfully. Some of the highways have been re-opened and we can now see the blackened fields left behind by the fire.  The local fire chief visited our community and encouraged us to keep the areas around our home clear of wood and dried grass - so our efforts are well timed.

"When there is a forest fire what can be done to put out the forest fire?  No human endeavor can put out a forest fire, even in super rich countries they just watch and hope that it will go down. Thousands of hectares of forest are devoured, only thing that can put out a forest fire is the rain and that is not human effort.  In other words our position is such that we are in a forest fire of material existence. We need the help of a spiritual master who is liberated and he can pour the rain of mercy and put out the forest fire."  -  Srila Prabhupada