Measuring the Land

This past week has been a week of "measurements". We started by selecting the site for the greenhouse soon to be coming up. The greenhouse will be located to the east of the existing library building and will measure 20 by 40 feet using metal posts as the arches.  It will be a similar model to the one constructed in Ramanath's garden. We will start planting when the soil is transferred and laid out. The greenhouse will provide food for the Eco Village from March until November.  In addition to the greenhouse, we also measured out the future toolshed that will be located to the immediate west of the same library building.

The third project to be taken up in the days to come is in connection with the unfinished loft at the log cabin. Both Bala and Ramanath are seen measuring the length needed to add a 1/4-inch log to give support to the loft. We plan to relocate the wooden stove to the south east of the cabin and to make a few more cosmetic embellishments in addition to erecting a small altar so that we can begin daily morning programs at the log cabin.

This week we have also inspected the recently acquired Oakland Trailer that we plan to shift close to the log cabin. Both Ramanath and Nikunja made a quick inspection of both the interior as well as the roof to check the lighting system and the solar panel. All seems to be in order and with a little cleaning the trailer will be ready to receive guests.

Our first batch of students, Kisora and Danavir, have confirmed their arrival from Bali on the 20th this month. With their arrival, we can expect a flurry of action to take place in the Gurukula Colony. 

Ramanath also brought over his wood chipper machine to prepare wood chips from the loose bark close to the woodshed. Wood chips have many uses. They are very helpful to keep moisture in the soil, they can be used in the outhouse and they help keep the hot sun from drying or burning newly transplanted saplings.

We expect July and August to be our most active months. At present we have staying facilities in two separate trailers and we also plan to put up an army type summer tent for additional guests who may be planning to visit us at Vedic Eco Village.