Irrigation Systems for Farming and Cows

Now that the water line and hydrants are in place, we can easily irrigate our fruit orchard.  A drip system is in place using a barrel.  The barrel is filled with water and it drains slowly to the drip line below.  We have also planted some poplar trees as a wind block.  As well, the first of the strawberries have been planted.  The next stage of farm infrastructure building is to prepare the soil for the future greenhouse. 

We now have a total of nine hydrants for our Vedic Eco Village project and we are beginning to see how useful it is to have them strategically placed at different locations. We have three hydrants east of the Minnabariet road that divides the Gurukula Colony and the cabin area. Two of those hydrants are close to the main cabin. One has been placed adjacent to the newly cleared area that will be home for a trailer we plan to shift this week. This will serve students or guests who will attend the courses we are giving. The second hydrant is especially for the fruit orchard and gardens that we will plant close to the fruit orchard. The third hydrant that was there from the beginning serves the cabin and the strawberry garden we have recently started. 

As one can see from the photos, we have attached hoses to all the hydrants. With a long garden hose that we use for watering both the poplar trees and the strawberry patch, one can actually have hot water naturally heated by solar power during the day. Now that they are getting water in abundance, our poplar trees are responding by producing leaves and small branches. 

The next phase of our development will focus on building a greenhouse that will be located east of the library building that is west of the Minnabariet road. We already have a hydrant in place to easily provide the needed water for the greenhouse. We plan to build a greenhouse similar in size to the one Ramanath prabhu constructed a few years are, approximately 20 feet by 80 feet. In addition to the greenhouse, we will also erect a tool shed to the west of the library cabin. 

The weather at Saranagati Village is slowly getting warmer with more outdoor activities in the gardens. Within the next few weeks we plan to start our boundary fence on the south side of the domain and connecting with the Gurukula Colony. We are also expecting some of our students from Indonesia and Cambodia to arrive within the 20th of this month. 

We invite interested viewers to come and spend a few days or a few weeks and experience the atmosphere of simple living in a village like atmosphere.

Written by RP Bhakti Raghava Swami and Ramanath das