Harvest and Natural Building Progress

Despite the very cold spring and a very hot summer, our harvest was fruitful, especially cherry, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and hempseeds.  Our small apple trees are starting to produce fruit. 

Natural Building projects use our milled wood and cob made from earth, cow dung and clay from our lake.  This summer we launched the rocket mass heater for the library cabin. A cob bench around the exhaust pipe will be crafted next.

We built a cob oven hut for baking bread, pizza and more.  The cob oven burns wood or dung and frees us from using propane

We lay the foundation for a trade center and market, located in the heart of Saranagati Village, between the goshala and Govardhan Academy.  We used milled wood for the 10x10 foot structure.  Straw for cob came from goshala.

Our farm apprenticeship continued with Govardhan Academy, teaching kids about farming, harvesting, seed collection, cow care and natural building.

Saranagati Village news

Surabhi's new calf baby Mohini is growing nicely.   She is now taller than the zebu/brahmin cows.  The new goshala is complete and ready to host the 9 cows and ox for the winter.   Videos and more details