Go Puja and Gopastami at Govardhan Goshala

We wrapped up a summer full of activity and the Eco Village boundaries are taking shape.  The south side colonial fence is complete. The gate for the east entrance has been built and is currently lying on the ground until we can get an machine to lift it into place.  The gate will be about 4 meters high.

This month we celebrate both Go Puja and Gopastami at the Govardhana Goshala In Saranagati Village. On both occasions, Surabhi cow was nicely decorated and sumptuously fed.  Gopastami is the coming-of-age celebration when Nanda Maharaja gave Krishna the responsibility for taking care of the cows. Krishna had previously been taking care of the calves. 

At the Govardhana Goshala, the zebu ox have been regularly put into a yoke and pulling a cart.  With the guidance of Daivata and Yoginath prabhu, they have been moving items like manure from the Goshala to gardens.  They also hauled logs for wood day at Govardhana Academy where the community cuts 12 cords of wood for the upcoming school year.

Cooler temperature and abundant rains in September finally ended our fire threat.  Now we are finishing the harvest, transplanting some fruit trees and getting ready for winter freeze.

"The only solution to problems of shortage of food grains, water, fuel, shelter, good health, nutrition, eradication of poverty and unemployment - dung, dung and only dung." - Shri Venishankar M. Vasu