Western Canada Projects

Each year we plan to focus on specific areas of development and for this we need the support of friends and well-wishers like your good self.  We have listed below the various initiative we would like to undertake during this year but for each of these to materialize, we depend on sponsors and supporters for each and every undertaking.  Of the eight projects we had identified last year, we were able to complete the waterline installation and we are now eager to see other areas develop.

We humbly solicit your kind support for this to happen. Various details are given beside each project but if you have further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Project Cost Status Sort descending


The kitchen will provide prasadam for the workers, teachers… 5,000 not started more details

Guest Café

The café will have a small kitchen for preparing take-out… 20,000 not started more details

Goshala / Cow Shed

The Goshala will be the home for a few cows, ideally Gir… 20,000 not started more details

Nature Cure Center

A small "Nature Cure" clinic for Eco Village residents and… 20,000 not started more details

Movie Makers

The Audio and Video recording and editing team needs to… 4,000 in progress 30% more details

Guest Cabins

The guest cabins will host future visitors to the Vedic Eco… 50,000 in progress 2% more details

Fruit Orchard

The fruit orchard already has 10 trees planted and… 1,000 in progress 20% more details

Cabin upgrade

Bhakti Raghava swami's log cabin needs a proper, covered… 2,000 in progress 33% more details

Colony Fence

A fence that borders all 4 sides of the Gurukul Colony. … 800 in progress 25% more details

Saw Mill

We acquired a canadian made wood mill with a saw blade that… 6,000 in progress 80% more details
Total 128,800