Volunteer Facilities

We host volunteers at the Vedic Eco Village year round. The Vedic library provides volunteers with bathing, solar shower and kitchen area with a chulha mass heater. A future walipini underground greenhouse will provide year round produce and spices for cooking. 

We envision a village similar to Krishna Village in Australia – an eco yoga community set on an organic farm, that provides the blueprint for a simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle.

Our traditional vedic mud-stoves (chulha) used for cooking and heating.  Materials required are roofing, doors, windows, oven doors, fire bricks.  We have successfully implemented three sparkless chulha stoves, combining rocket mass heater technology and traditional Vedic cooking methods.  These stoves are essential for safely cooking with fire in the summertime, as we are in a characteristically dry and high fire risk area.

We have our own wood mill to cut the lumber from local trees we are clearing. The bath hut and kitchen have plumbing and fixtures.  Each cob-in has a bed, table, chair and mass heater for cooking and warming water.  A common wash room (bath hut) will serve guests

Project Information
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