Sri Surabhi Canada

We are one of the “Serve Surabhi Teams” around the world. From those teams various projects will be generated for brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras.

Sri Surabhi Global's aim is to connect with 108 countries and find Sri Surabhi App Members in all those countries.  As more people get connected with the App, our plan is to connect these people with one another to form local/regional teams called “Serve Surabhi Teams”.

Our future goshala and dairy industry will provide ahimsa milk and other pure milk products to devotees who otherwise could not avail of such rare and precious gifts of nature.  This initiative will create meaningful employment in our community. 

His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami informs us that: "The campaign of OM Sri Surabhi is not just another action or a project to save abandoned cows. This campaign is an educational and educational program aimed at preserving our Vedic Culture through the establishment of the principles of material and spiritual sva-dharma. "

Support the whole “cow based culture”

Vedic culture is based on cow culture and cow economy as well. 

Sri Surabhi Global members support their local Sri Surabhi project by adopting a Cow or Village.

1) Basic Membership (Free)
2) Support Membership (Monthly )
3) Adopt a Cow Membership (Monthly)
4) Adopt a Village Membership (Monthly)
5) Patron Membership (Monthly)

Every 3 months members get “Surabhi Gifts” like Cow incense from their local project.



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