Expansion at Ahimsa Goshala


Surabhi's New Calf

Early morning August 18, 2022 Surabhi cow went to a remote part of the forest to have her baby.  Calf and mother are healthy and happy.

Rescue Cows

Earlier that week, 2 new gir cows arrived to Ahimsa Goshala from a small farm in BC that needed a home, or they might end up being sold for slaughter. Welcome to Varuni and Revati. They were restless and confused at first, but they quickly realized they had arrived in a wonderful new home. Sincere thanks to the many devotees who helped this to happen.

New Goshala at Saranagati

The devotees are busy building an additional Goshala in anticipation for the new cows. Our original Gir cow, Surabhi, is in ecstasy that she will be graced with the association of two new friends who belong to practically the same family lineage.

Clay is one of the few building materials with a negative ion charge; healthy to touch & work with!


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