Chulha Mass Heater for Goshala Barn

Goshala Chulha Mass Heater

Warming cows gives them & their servants pleasure and more

✴ warm & dry home in winter
✴ warm water & tea
✴ warm shelter for guests & kids
✴ facility to cook with seats... maybe a bistro?

Heater enters goshala through a wall to a barrel (under the stairs) that radiates heat. Pipes along the wall warm sleep area.

Heater intake is outside barn for fire safety.  Intake is a chulha 2 burner stove.  Chulha is sheltered by a cobin (cabin made of cob & wood, approx. 80 sq. feet).  Chulha boils water, milk or tea. 

Mass heaters are 90% fuel efficient, can burn sticks
 collected by kids of all ages.


From "Goshala Eco/Barn: earthen floor system" Michael Hollihn March 2021

  • design warm floor with exterior rocket stove and horizontal plenum
  • ventilation and dryness key

Most working floors in the traditional context of ag structures are wood or traditional lime augmented earthen floors like we find in many cultures.   三和土 Tataki - Earthen Floors and in Switzerland the oxen compact a new earthen floor.  


From Ahimsa Goshala's "Building the Eco Barn"

A warm barn is an essential component of taking care of cows in Canada. Especially the ancient sacred breeds need comfort and shelter during the winter months. We have been caring for our Indian breeds of cows for several years now, and we see that they have no problem adopting to the Canadian climate as long as there is a warm barn for shelter during cold periods.

Future Ecobarn:  The barn we have designed is quite unique. It is energy efficient, and will comfortably house up to 30 cows. It could employ passive solar collection, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and radiant floor heating using an outdoor wood powered furnace.


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Spring 2024