ISKCON Saranagati

ISKCON Saranagati manages hay fields and grows grains and vegetables for the ISKCON Saranagati Temple.

Ox have been used to plow fields and haul the harvest.  Irrigation by flood with contours (irrigating whole field instead of drip). Garden has berries and fruit trees.  Hedge rows implemented to prevent dehydration.

There are plans for future cows.  The barn beside Rameshvara will be renovated to host milking cows and calves.  The barn needs insulation (cob & plaster chinking).

Crops: Beets, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, winter squash, zucchini, potatoes, beans, dry beans, lentils, chickpeas (brown), snow peas, wheat, cauliflower, kale, swiss chard, apple, hazelnut, apricot, raspberries.  Help needed: planting, weeding, harvesting, cabbage, mung beans, chick peas. strawberry.  Greenhouse: Tomatoes, chili, okra, mint, eggplant, chinese okra, peas, carrots, karala, cilantro, more indian vegetables

temple map


cow plan

ISKCON Saranagati is a private charity run by some Saranagati shareholders. Visit the Saranagati Temple website for more details.