For autumn and winter plus early spring in Canada wool clothing will be the best solution.

Sources can be thrift stores, second hand store, charity shops, but also home knitting.


There are also firm wool fabric around which are not fluffy but very compact. They shed water, windproof, breathe very nicely, do not smell, last decades of use and are bio degradable. Nice in shirt or Anorak shape


Fluffy wool is good for insultion layer. They can be home knit. Socks and gloves too.


Merino underwear is expensive, but the fine hair (thinner then cotton) of the Mountain sheep breed is non itch and very comfortable.


These are German self sufficient farmers who do alot with wool, especially for the EKO people in Germany, Waldorf school systems.


















Maybe some sheep in the future is a nice idea too. Some hardy breed with can stand up with the cold.

They can provice wool, milk, dung and grazing (if there is too much grass)


I also hope the forging books were interesting. The 50 dollar knife forge book is very good. One can set a forge up with that budget and make simple tempered steel tools for the Ecovillage. One can recycle steel car springs, old files etc etc Make into draw knives, spoon knives you name it.

Please do not feel pushed. Some stuff takes years but Krishna will help and provide the people or overcome obstacles.