Investment Opportunities

With our Master Plan secured we have begun implementing certain aspects of the overall project.

Each year we plan to focus on specific areas of development and for this we need the support of friends and well-wishers like your good self. We have listed below the various initiative we would like to undertake during the year 2018 but for each of these to materialize, we depend on sponsors and supporters for each and every undertaking. Of the eight projects we had identified last year, we were able to complete the waterline installation and we are now eager to see other areas develop.

We therefore humbly solicit your kind support for this to happen. Various details are given beside each project but if you have further queries, please feel free to write to us. Thank you very much for your kind attention and support. Yours in service to Sria Prabhupada

Investments in the Vedic Eco Village

We are creating an investment system for Eco Village infrastructure building.  Any labour, tool, equipment or resource (ie. cash) invested into the Vedic Eco Village will earn credit and be redeemable for future services (ie. staying in guest cabins, products from Goshala, etc.). 

Vedic Eco Village Projects

Construction of the Eco Village began in 2017 and continues daily.  We are currently clearing land, building fences and milling timber for future development.  Each year we focus on specific areas of development.  Detailed project information is available in the Development Plan

Gurukula Colony Plots


Click on a plot for more details (under construction)









Patha Shala




  Goshala Guests




  Mandir     Admin




Kitchen       Cultural Hall


Silo for Grains


Prasadam Hall Gardens   Nature Cure Center Pond


Yajna Shala


Yoga Shala     Tulasi House Market

Projects outside the Gurukula Colony